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I met Nick through his x-girlfriend....I always love starting our dating story like that, makes it seem like some scandalous affair, however I met her the day before I met him at a stake activity. The beginning of the next week he added me to facebook, and later that week I accepted. I felt so bad that I had not checked it earlier, so I gave him my number to text me sometime. He didn't waste anytime texting me after he read my facebook message. He came over that night, and we watched Without A Paddle. I wasn't interested in a relationship then, just thought that I would gain a new friend outta the deal, I gained that and so much more. We have been inseparable since then. Our different backgrounds, me being a country girl, and him being a city boy creates interesting moments daily, most in which we end up dying laughing at. We are so very fortunate to have each other in our lives. I am so grateful to be able to wake up next to an amazing man every day of my life.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! So this is way late, but I have been sick for the past couple of weeks, and trying to get everything done with the holidays and all. We have had a lotta fun here lately, mom and dad and jalan came down for dad to get an emergency root canal. They stayed with us, which they never do and it was nice. So sad that dad was in a lotta pain though. My dr did the root canal then 2 weeks later they came back for the crown and it wasn't fitting quite right. So they will be back soon.... Mom was going on and on about how shocked she was at what I do, and was shocked that I actually knew what I was doing... Lol I better know what I am doing. It was nice to just have them and to have Nick and them get along. We also opened our homemade gifts which turned out amazing!!! Nick is really tallented and worked way hard. The things that he does makes it hard for me to not brag about how proud of him I am. Nick passed all of his classes, which we were way greatful for, there was one that was kinda tough. We took this picture at the visitors center at the temple. We didn't frequent the temple as often as I would have liked, but enough. It's amazing how life gets way busy. We spent christmas with his family in Queen Creek. It was a wonderful time. Then we went to Flagstaff as to have a romantic getaway, and to play in the snow and I got way sick. I was up all night and it was miserable. We decided to come on home. :( Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon, so Nick and I can bring in the new year. We are so excited for what this new year will bring!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Anniversary of an Eternity

Thanks to Jessica and her mad photo skills we were able to capture a very memorable anniversary. It was very special and we were so glad for everyone that was able to make it. So my brother could be part of it we went and did baptisms just for him, so our whole family could be there inside the temple as we shared our special day. That meant so much to Jalan, and to us. After that we went grabbed some breakfast and went back for us to get sealed. Then after we were sealed we went to Olive Garden to have a nice lunch, that Sandy passed out candles that were amazing, and everyone got to visit for a few hours. Then everybody left and Nick and I took a 3 hour nap cuz we didn't sleep very well the night before, then we went to starbucks had some hot chocolate and visited for a while, went shopping and bought Horton Hears A Who, came home snuggled down with some blankets and watched the movie. It was a great anniversary and an anniversary that will last for eternity.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Today is Halloween! We went to a party at Ashley and Curtis' house Friday night and I wasn't sure if we were suppose to dress up, turns out we were suppose to and most of the people dressed up. We felt kinda bad, but then we were able to go to Nicks old ward Trunk or Treat and we were able to dress up. We just kinda threw together what we had, Nick said that he would either be a Welder or a Cowboy. So after some research and thinking really hard I threw this costume together... thank goodness for ballroom dancing for the skirt! I have had this skirt since I was in 6th grade!!! Yup and it still fits! We went to the Trunk or Treat with Nate and Jess and their cute kids. We had a blast, passing out candy playing with the kids, and going through the haunted house where we touched worms and eyeballs!!! But Roxy got a pink bracelet that glowed in the dark for it. We love hanging out with them, and playing with their kids, it makes us want to have some of our own.

This week brings lots of fun for us, we get to become an eternal family on Saturday!!! Family will be in town, and we will be able to visit with them! We are so excited to see everybody at this exciting time in our lives! We have our recommends and we will be getting our garments this week. Everything is almost checked off the list. Then we will be able to slow down a little bit. Next week I will be off work on vacation, Nick still has school though.. :( but atleast we will only be on his schedule and not on our rigorous day to day schedule, and I'll get to see him a bit more. I love him so much and I am so happy how hard he has worked for us to be able to make it to the temple. I am sooooOOOOooo lucky!

Monday, October 24, 2011


So we have been looking for couches for a long time now, I have been looking on craigslist for a long time now, and stumbled on this steal! It was an estate sale and the lady had them for 3 months.... AND.... I got both for $100!!! Yeah that was the best part!!! With the pillows! I was way happy to have found such a steal and feel that I got a lot for our buck! Oh and Nick was way happy about it too!!!! :0)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Roxy's Royal Wedding

So the other night we were sitting at Jessica's house talking to Jess about her amazing photo skills, and out of the blue Roxy goes...... "Nick, will you marry me?" LOL! we all started laughing cuz we all had to question what heard. Then she goes and gets out her fancy pink plastic heels, her beautiful necklaces, her tiarra, and her huge rock of a ring! She then packs a purse for after the wedding, and then grabs a makeup brush and pretends to polish her toenails and her fingernails and tells me that she can't get married till after her polish dries. So then she says she is ready and she is such a beautiful bride we had to take a picture of the new happy couple. Rhett had to jump in the picture too, cuz he was happy to have gained such an amazing bro in law.... I had to make this picture the background on my phone cuz everytime I see it, it makes me smile ear to ear! I can't wait to have kids of my own, and Nick and I will be so lucky if our kids turn out half as adorable as Nate and Jessica's.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Suzie's Wedding

We had so much fun at Suzie's wedding!!! Suzie was a beautiful bride, and Nick was an amazing man that played gopher and helped in the kitchen, while I was by Suzie's side all day. Nick got to wear an amazing apron that grandma jean said that he could keep, and I was able to play dress up and wear heels all day!!! After we cleaned everything up Nick and I did not have a hard time falling asleep. We are so happy that Suzie married such a good guy and that she is happy.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life's little suprises....

So lately there has been a lot going on in my family and we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Anyways, yesterday I needed to take my grandpa out to dinner, my grandma suggested Sizzler, we were on that side of town and she said that my grandpa would be pleasantly suprised. Let me start off with that I am such a picky eater. I saw a picture of some breaded fish, some breaded shrimp(that I planned on my grandpa eating, cuz I don't like them), some popcorn shrimp, and french fries. I was excited and proud that I ordered more than just a hamburger. Well we finished eating dinner, and I noticed that the popcorn shrimp was a little rubbery, I just added more ketchup and ate it. When we were done eating our waitress comes up and expresses how excited she was that we ate our clams, that no one really eats them and she feels that they are the best part! I thought about the image and didn't remember seeing clams on it, cuz I wouldn't have ate them. Then it hit me that it wasn't popcorn shrimp at all!!!! It was the clams!!!! Yuck! I told my grandpa using hand motions cuz he can't hear very well, he asked me what was I gonna do? Puke it back up? I nodded... he was laughing, I was laughing and crying.. deffinately one of life's suprises.....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


WHAT A HOTTIE!!!!! We went to my reunion this last weekend and played with babies. Nick was amazing with them, and they loved him! I can't wait till he will be able to hold our child with pride.

Our Princess Dog

This is our princess dog Bella. After talking to my friend the other day I realized that we didn't have a lot of pictures of her. So I took one, got her to focus just at the right moment. Training is comming slowly but surely, with Nick being in school I am able to spend some time with her. Some days I feel that I am accomplishing nothing, others I get so proud of her she seems like the perfect dog. She has gotten so big since when we got her at 10 weeks old. We call her our princess dog cuz she definately acts like one. She will stand on our legs really tall just for us to look at her it seems. Like "Notice me" we giggle and knock her down from her pedistal and play with her. She is a good dog most of the time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This is when we went up to my parents house for the fourth of july, it was so nice to get outta the heat.