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I met Nick through his x-girlfriend....I always love starting our dating story like that, makes it seem like some scandalous affair, however I met her the day before I met him at a stake activity. The beginning of the next week he added me to facebook, and later that week I accepted. I felt so bad that I had not checked it earlier, so I gave him my number to text me sometime. He didn't waste anytime texting me after he read my facebook message. He came over that night, and we watched Without A Paddle. I wasn't interested in a relationship then, just thought that I would gain a new friend outta the deal, I gained that and so much more. We have been inseparable since then. Our different backgrounds, me being a country girl, and him being a city boy creates interesting moments daily, most in which we end up dying laughing at. We are so very fortunate to have each other in our lives. I am so grateful to be able to wake up next to an amazing man every day of my life.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! So this is way late, but I have been sick for the past couple of weeks, and trying to get everything done with the holidays and all. We have had a lotta fun here lately, mom and dad and jalan came down for dad to get an emergency root canal. They stayed with us, which they never do and it was nice. So sad that dad was in a lotta pain though. My dr did the root canal then 2 weeks later they came back for the crown and it wasn't fitting quite right. So they will be back soon.... Mom was going on and on about how shocked she was at what I do, and was shocked that I actually knew what I was doing... Lol I better know what I am doing. It was nice to just have them and to have Nick and them get along. We also opened our homemade gifts which turned out amazing!!! Nick is really tallented and worked way hard. The things that he does makes it hard for me to not brag about how proud of him I am. Nick passed all of his classes, which we were way greatful for, there was one that was kinda tough. We took this picture at the visitors center at the temple. We didn't frequent the temple as often as I would have liked, but enough. It's amazing how life gets way busy. We spent christmas with his family in Queen Creek. It was a wonderful time. Then we went to Flagstaff as to have a romantic getaway, and to play in the snow and I got way sick. I was up all night and it was miserable. We decided to come on home. :( Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon, so Nick and I can bring in the new year. We are so excited for what this new year will bring!!!

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