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I met Nick through his x-girlfriend....I always love starting our dating story like that, makes it seem like some scandalous affair, however I met her the day before I met him at a stake activity. The beginning of the next week he added me to facebook, and later that week I accepted. I felt so bad that I had not checked it earlier, so I gave him my number to text me sometime. He didn't waste anytime texting me after he read my facebook message. He came over that night, and we watched Without A Paddle. I wasn't interested in a relationship then, just thought that I would gain a new friend outta the deal, I gained that and so much more. We have been inseparable since then. Our different backgrounds, me being a country girl, and him being a city boy creates interesting moments daily, most in which we end up dying laughing at. We are so very fortunate to have each other in our lives. I am so grateful to be able to wake up next to an amazing man every day of my life.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Well life is definately gonna be picking up for us. No we arent pregnant. But I recently changed offices for work, I love it!!! Its a lot closer to home, & its crazy busy, I come home exhausted but happy. Its a nice change, & the new schedule is taking some getting use to. Nick has been looking for a welding job for a while now, he is certified in mig, so he can have a job in that area. He applied to his friends work, did awesome, but his timing was way long. They were happy w/ what they saw so they called him back for a second interview, the second on didn't go so swell.... he just called it & quit. He was so sad & frustrated, but after talking I told him for good measure he should call back in a week to atleast follow up. Well he did, he was told they hadn't made a decision. So a little ray of sunshine crept in & became the whole sun!!! He did infact get a job offer, turned in his 2 weeks notice, had to go take a drug test & he starts next monday!!!! We are truely excited, the great thing about this job is there is plenty room for advancement, & he goes to work early & comes home early, hopefully if he can keep this job for a while, when I quit work (due to a baby) we will have pleanty of time, & now he's the one with an ideal schedule.On top of all of this fun, we are so sad to say we got released from being primary teachers. I got a new calling, activities coordinator (enrichment leader), I am so nervous about the responsibility that has been placed in my lap, but i have faith. I am a little intimidated, but know with heavenly fathers help it will be ok.Nick got a new calling too... elders quorum secratary! That means he's gonna have to help with visits, & his meetings will be on opposite nights of my meetings, & I'm a lot nervpus about not seeing him so much. Plus my calling, he's gonna get roped into helping me set up chairs, & helping me any way he can. I assume the same for me to help him....Also on top of this, Nick starts school this week. This is his last semester & hopefully he can get a couple more certifications  so he can do all sortsa welds. But again, more time away from home. I know this is short lived, & I am so proud of his accomplishments, & greatful that he is so willing to help me set up to be a stay at home mom when that time comes. I just feel like we took a big step into adult land, & incured a big amount of responsibility, but heavenly father knows what he is doing i guess.... i know, it will definately keep us busy. No idle hands in the Anderson home for sure!!!!

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